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The Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics (PAAL) is a nonprofit organization of researchers who work on English education and applied linguistics in Asian and pan-Asian contexts. PAAL also welcomes researchers in related fields such as foreign language education and literature. The association holds an annual conference which takes place in July or August in various host countries.
Paal previous years
19th Paal 2014 Waseda University , Japan
18th Paal 2013 Ajou University, Korea
17th Paal 2012 Beijing, China
16th Paal 2011 Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
15th Paal 2010 Hanyang Women's University, Korea
14th Paal 2009 Kyoto, Japan
13th Paal 2008 University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
12th Paal 2007 Pattaya, Thailand
11th Paal 2006 Kangwon National University, Korea
10th Paal 2005 Edinburgh University, Britain
9th Paal 2004 Namseoul University, Korea
8th Paal 2003 Kibi International University, Japan
7th Paal 2002 RELC, Singapore
6th Paal 2001 Cheju National University, Korea
5th Paal 2000 University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA
4th Paal 1999 Tokyo, Japan
3rd Paal 1998 Songkonghoe University, Korea
2nd Paal 1997 Waseda University, Japan
1st Paal 1996 Korea University, Korea
The 20th PAAL Conference
December 5-6, 2015
Korea University, Seoul, South Korea
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